Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Boss and his cousin

So my little brother just got home from his mission today. Yay! I haven't seen him for about three and a half years, so it was super great to see him again. I sure love that boy! Welcome home, Bro.! Now, all you single girls out there who really like to laugh and play, he is home and ready to start dating! Seriously though, what a great thing families are. It was weird seeing him again, and I still haven't gotten a hug yet (he hasn't been released yet). I didn't get any pics of him ( I know, I am a bad sister) but I did get the cutest picture of The Boss and his cousin hugging. His cousin is so good to The Boss, it just makes me happy to see them play together although they are a few years apart. I promise, pictures of my bro. are coming. And he is the biggest poser, so they will most likely be really good pics, too.
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