Ah, the aromatic smell of burning cars!

Wow, when you are tried by fire, you are really tried by fire! We have had a very interesting day thus far, but only the end part is what will really interest you. Last week someone stole our beautiful stroller... which made me want to cry. However, I found a free stroller today on the internet, and it was only about 10 blocks away, so I went out to pick it up. I went in to the house and really had a hard time breathing. Evidently I am very sensitive to cigerette smoke. The lady who was giving me the stroller was a heavy smoker. While only being in her house for 5 minutes, I left {with a new stroller! Yay!} smelling like I was a chain smoker { I really fell bad for her 7 month old baby!}. I got into the car and started it. The engine wasn't turning over, so I turned the car off so I could try again. When I turned the car off, for some weird reason, the engine started. Weird! Well, it didn't really start, the engine just started turning over. So I turned the car on {not trying to start the car} and it started. Double weird. However there was a very odd whinning sound, so I turned the car off again, this time taking out the key, and the car wouldn't turn off, it was still trying to turn over! So I said a prayer, and drove very carefully home. When I got home I yelled to Jeffrey that the car was broken, he came running out, and popped the hood. Right when he did that (with the key out and the engine still trying to turn over) the engine started smoking, and then caught fire. WOWZERS! It smelled so bad! Well, it turns out that everyone is fine, the car is fine... it just wont run right now. We have to wait for the insurance company to come look at it, but we believe the starter motor went out, and that is what caused the whole thing. So, now I don't only smell like cigerette smoke, but I also smell like a car fire on top of it! Pe-ew. Hopefully things will look up. Trial by fire really is not an understatement! I hope we learn some valuable lesson from this trial.


maidmarian4 said…
Man, that is awful when your car is not working. :-( Hope you get it fixed/figured out soon!
Mechelle said…
You always seem to have crazy stories to tell. I enjoy reading them LOL. :)
That's awesome that you got a stroller replacement, too. I'm happy for you. Hopefully you can get the cigarette smoke smell off.

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