Slow Learner

So it has amost been a year, and I am finally getting things figured out.  I must be a slow learner or something, but I sure am happy to be understanding how all you amazing women do it.  What is it you ask?  Why being a mother and a skilled homemaker, of course!  For the past two days I have been able to get all my things done without neglecting my little man, and still have some time left over for me!  I have even been able to exercise, and not leave out my scripture study.  Finally, I am getting it!  What a great feeling it is.  I only hope I can hold onto the secret... which I really don't know what it is.  No worries, though.  I am wondering, how do all of you do it?  what is your secret? 


mub said…
I can't even figure this out and I don't even have children, so kudos to you ;)
Cecilia said…
I'm glad you're getting the hang of it. It seems like every time I start to figure it out a stick gets thrown in my spokes.
oh poo. I still don't have the hand of it. It have been doing this almost a year and still find myself unorganized, forgetting things, putting things off, and having a house that is always only half cleaned. Please tell me your secret! :)
Milly said…
I found if I can keep my house clean, I can just straighten it up while the baby is asleep, and that gives me loads of time to play with the baby! Also, if I sort the laundry every day, and wash and fold one lead a day, it doesn't get overwhelming, and again, more time to play with the baby!
Tisha said…
The secret is don't have any more kids AND don't let the one you have get any bigger!!!! Because once you throw in car pools, swim lessons, helping at the school, scouts... the term "home maker" sort of becomes funny, because really you aren't home long enough to "make" anything. Chances are when you are at home your kids manage to undo everything you have done while they were gone... Good thing kids are so darn likeable, I GUESS that makes up for all the messes and laundry, right?
Mare said…
Someone shared something that their grandma told them with me the other day. It was this... if your house is immaculate, then something is wrong. There is way too much to experience to have an immaculate house. I really liked that... I've learned that some things have to be let go. You might enjoy checking out she's got some great ideas too. But just go with the flow - take time to have fun and know that it is okay to let the laundry go and go for a walk instead..the laundry will STILL be there when you get back!
Mechelle said…
Check out
it teaches you step by step how to make housekeeping and homemaking a lot quicker. And you don't even have to spend more than 15-30 minutes a day on your morning routine. I've been a "flybaby" for a few weeks now and I've been making huge progress, and having lot's of free time during the day, too. My husband has been noticing the things I've cleaned and organized, too.
You have to check it out.

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