Silent Auction for Nie Nie

I am sure you all have heard about our fellow blogger Stephanie Nielson and her husband Christopher were in a terrible plane crash with their flight instructor.  The instructor died.  Christopher has 30% of his body covered in burns, and Stephanie has 80% of her body covered in burns... both have sustained injuries.  They have four beautiful children.  If you would like to contribute to their recovery, you can click here.  Also, there is a silent auction going on at Today's Creative Blog .  All items being auctioned are donated from wonderful bloggers like you, and all procedes go to the NieNie recovery.  Please help this family out by offering your faith and prayers.  Also, mosey on over to check out the silent auction!


I have heard about this story and it is just sooo sad. Those poor children at home worried about their parents. I can't understand how hard this has to be on the family, especially the parents. I hope everything goes well. Thanks for the link.

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