My Mock Anniversary

So, today is my un-anniversary. Yes, I know, a little confusing. Allow me to explain. For my whole life, as long as I can remember I have thought of September 19th as a special day. I could never figure out why, but that date has always stuck out in my mind. I don't know anyone with a birthday on that date, or any reason it should be special, but for some reason it is a very special day for me. Each year I anticipate the arrival, and am just happy because it is the 19 of September. A few years back I decided that I would make it a special day. I would get married on September 19 so that there would actually be a reason to celebrate my favorite day of the year. Well, My Love came along, and at the beginning of November he asked me to marry him. I said of course, and started talking about how pretty our wedding would be in the fall with all the beautiful colors, and he about choked on his pie {{we were eating pie}}. He couldn't wait a whole year, that was too long! So, we settled on the 12 of January {{2 years to the day that I entered the MTC}} and he said that we could always celebrate on the 19 of September. So, happy day for me, it is my mock anniversary! Happy anniversary sweetie, I love you!


Tawni said…
Congrats on your un-anniversary!
joated said…
I should have remembered. Happy belateds....cute pic!

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