Frisbee Golf

Yesterday My Love got home from school {{ he forgot the car again Ü }} and asked me if I wanted to go on a date with him that night. Of course I said yes. We haven't been on a date together since my post about Red Robin. Granted we were on a date last week, but it was to see a movie that sounded really cool, but I couldn't handle the violence, so I had to leave early, visit my folks, and then pick him up when the movie was over. Some date, hu? At any rate, we went to a park and played Frisbee Golf. I hate golf. I think it's the dumbest game invented {{ evidently it was invented by the Scottish, who would use big sticks, and hit the ground hogs who were poking their heads out a their holes... disgusting! }} but I love Frisbee, so I thought we could have a go at it. So much fun! I am decent playing normal Frisbee, not great but decent. Well, with Frisbee golf there are specific Frisbees for each particular thing. There is a driver, a putter, and others that I don't know what they are called. So, there is a technique in the way you throw each one, how you stand, how many breaths you can take before you throw it... okay maybe it isn't that bad, but it is pretty foreign to me. Well, I had a hard time making the scientifically designed Frisbee golf Frisbees do anything but a nose dive. After the first "hole" I quit with score keeping, because it would have been too embarrassing. So, I just played, and got all sorts of exercise running onto the brush, searching for my Frisbee every couple hundred feet or so. On one of these occasions {{ we were on the 9th "hole" I think }} I found my Frisbee again, threw it another couple hundred feet and was about to joyously spring out of the bushes like Bambi on his first encounter with the meadow, when my foot and a high root decided to get acquainted. Next thing I knew my knee and the hard ground were more chummy chummy than they had been in a very long time. Also, they were such good friends, my knee absolutely refused to let me get up, it wasn't through with it's "conversation" with the earth. Jeffrey finally saw me, and came to the rescue, disentangling me from all of my newly found nature friends, and helping me limp to find the lost Frisbee. The rest of the night was not quite as fun, since I didn't want anyone to know I was hurting a little and thus spoil their evening. When the game was over {{ Score: Wes-26, Andy-30, My Love-35, Jessica and Ashley-45, Me-1,964}} we went back to Wes and Ashley's for some delicious barbecue and a rousing game of Catch Phrase. The girls won! It was so nice to be good at something again. At any rate, it is definitely a date I will always remember. It was a lot of fun until the 9th "hole" and I still have a memento of the encounter that both my knee and leg had with Mother Nature.


Angela S said…
What a fun date! It's nice to get out now and then, huh?!

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