CERT Passed!

I just have to give a shout out to my honey. He just took a test for the JNCIA certification for work. He took the test yesterday, and he passed with a 90%! Yay ! To celebrate he is going to the ward game party after work. He is so great, and I am so glad he is mine. I sure lucked out there! With the passing of this certification, he gets a 5% pay raise {yay!} and reimbursement for the test. What a wonderful blessing. It really is evident when the Lord is blessing our lives.


maidmarian4 said…
Yeah! Good for the both of you (heaven knows the wife helps her hubby by either helping him study and/or staying out of the way so he can study)!

...It's hard to do that with kids around especially. lol
mub said…
Congrats on the raise! Martijn got a 5% raise a few weeks ago, but his boss changed their pension scheme and now it requires a 6% employee contribution so it was like a -1% raise. I made a face like this >:-O
Captian Kangroo said…
waaaaaayyyyyyytogoooooooo!!!We are very proud of you.Love you much----
Dad & Mom Harris
Cecilia said…
That's awesome. Congrats! I can't wait until Ryan is done with school. It seems too far away.

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