Trapped by the Mormons

I don't like the Twilight series.  There, I said it.  I have many reasons, and if anyone really wants to know why, I will tell you personally, but so as not to offend the GAZILLIAN fans of the books, I will just say I don't like Twilight.  I did read them... well, all but the last one, so I do have a basis of opinion.  I am just a little tired of the hysteria over the poorly written books, and so tired of people going on and on about vampires, and how Stephanie Meyers is a Mormon...So to go along with all the hype of the Twilight series, I thought I would just throw a little something of my own into the mix.  I had heard about this a while ago, but just found a web page for it.  It is a movie that was made in the UK in 1922 called Trapped by the Mormons.  It is about the "evil mormons who try to kidnap innocent girls and take them to the place where the Great Salt Lake meets the Crystal Temple" so they can force the girls to become their polygamist wives.  How funny is that?  How ridiculous and bizarre?  At any rate, I got a good laugh out of it.  The things some people do to tear others down just gets more and more far fetched as time goes by.  At any rate, if you want to see the trailer for this 1922 silent film, you can go to you tube and type in Trapped by the Mormons.  For a fair synopsis of this film, click here.  I wouldn't recommend going to  For some strange reason they think the movie depicts the truth!  They were a little offensive, and I had to remind myself to laugh at it.  So, for all you Edward lovers (shudder), here is a little something that gives vampires a completely different light.  Enjoy!

P.S.  I do not mean to offend anyone in any way with this post.  It is purely my opinion and does not reflect those of my readers.  


{amy k.} said…
"Trapped by the Mormons"?? How bizarre is that! Crazy!

Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for entering my giveaway!
Well I've read two of the Twilight books and I like them. I don't really know what you are posting about this anti-mormon film because I think it has nothing to do with Twilight since it obviously wasn't written about mormons. I like the theme of someone trying to resist evil urges (such as vampirism). I find it kind of inspiring actually.
Ali said…
LOL. I will say that I had a rather strange experience with a bizarre Mormon woman when my son was a baby, who tried to get me to join the church.

It took years for me to finally stop thinking of Mormons in a strange light, so this movie title really cracks me up.

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