What a sweetie my husband is. Yesterday when he came home from work he had a bunch of roses! Now I know some of you girls out there get spoiled and your hubby brings you flowers all the time, but keep in mind, My Love thinks flowers are a waste of money because they die so quickly. So the fact that he brought me flowers is beyond cute! There was no occasion, just the fact that he loves me, and wanted to surprise me. He also brought me some oreo cookies (though secretly I think he wanted them for himself and that was just a convenient excuse) which is a bad thing, because I am not supposed to have sugar, but he knew I had a bad day the day before, and thinking that chocolate cures all maladies, he lovingly did something to fix it! Man, have I got a great hubby or what?


Sweet! I didn't even get roses for our anniversary! (it was on Sunday though) Anyway, Nick's grandpa did our sealing and he told Nick that he should buy me flowers on occasion for no reason at all. He has done so a couple times, and I love it too!
oh what a sweeite you have there!
Cecilia said…
That's cute! I think Ryan follows that way of thinking, so it just makes it more special when they do bring home flowers.

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