Re-adjustment to Life

I don't think I had said anything, but My Love got a new shift at his job. He likes it a lot better, but I hate it. Instead of working from 6am-3pm, he is now working from 2pm-11pm. He gets to sleep in now, so he is super happy about that, but we never get to go on dates now, so that really stinks. Also, it is quite an adjustment having him home in the mornings, and not having to cook dinner for him. I know that I will adjust, but it always takes a little while to get the routine down again. But the important thing here is that he is happier with the hours of his new shift. So long as the hubby is happy, it makes the wife happy. Thank heaven that there are so many things to mix life up a little, hu?


Ashlee said…
Ahh,so sorry about that change, I know that probably stinks! Just look at it this way... more snuggle time with the hubby right?!! It was fun to see you guys the other night at dinner, we still need to get out there and do the miniature golfing with you! We'll have to do it on a monday right since that is his only day off? LEt us know!
Andrea said…
Adjustments like that are tough! I know any time I'm used to my hubby being around and he's not makes me not a very happy camper. Hopefully you adjust to the new schedule soon! Just look at it this way, you guys can go out to breakfast and a matinee for a date, and it's cheaper than a date at night!!

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