Out with the Old and in with the...

So our house is tiny, and we don't have much room for anything. It has been a bit of a problem for a little while, but we think we have hit on a solution for at least a little more room. We decided to downsize our bed to a futon simply for want of room. In our bedroom we have our dresser, our television, an elliptical, and our bed. With all that furniture, there really is no room to move! So, to help things out, we are sacrificing our comfy bed and getting a (hopefully comfy) futon. Yesterday my father was here with his truck, so he helped us out by taking our bed to my in-law's house. While we were moving the bed I asked my love when we were going to the store to get our futon that we had previously picked out. He said that we could just sleep on the floor for a few days and get it later. I honestly thought he was joking. I assure you, he wasn't. Last night we made a bed out of several blankets piled on the floor, and a blanket over the top of us. What a night! I must make sure that we get the furniture before we get rid of ours already. What a funny thing. I did laugh quite a bit as I was making our "bed" last night. What an adventure being married is. I sure am lucky to have such a fun, caring, happy man!


yay it is like camping out in your own house!

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