Keith and the Cat

I really wish I had gotten a picture of this yesterday, but I will just have to tell you about it.  Keith was playing on the floor, and I walked into the kitchen to get his food.  When I walked back into the living room, Keith had crawled over to the cat who was napping on the floor.  Keith had taken the cat's head in his little chubby hands, and was sucking on the cat's face!  I broken them up immediatly, of course.  I moved Keith to the other side of the room, and put some toys down in front of him before I set off in search of his bib.  When I came back, Keith had crawled over to the cat and was sucking on it's face again!  I moved the cat to safety, but I tell you what, it sure was difficult to not be laughing when I told him that was wrong, and we don't suck on our pets.  What a funny kid!  If it happens again (for the cat's sake I hope it doesn't) I will be sure to get some pictures.


Cecilia said…
Sick! Did he have cat hair in his mouth afterward? I guess you had better keep those two separated.
Sheryl said…
Laugh out loud! You wonder what goes through his mind at times like this. :)
That is really funny! I wish you had a picture! I wonder what babies are thinking when they do those kind of things...
Mare said…
Nasty nasty... there's nothing else to say.. although kids use their mouths to explore... he was probably just checking out the cat. Great that he's crawling now! Life just gets better and better and oh boy - mobile kids are a whole new ballgame!

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