Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just a Memory

I have been watching a lot of Pride and Prejudice lately (the A&E version, of course) and watching Mrs. Bennet lead Mr. Collins in to propose to Lizzy reminded me of when My Love proposed to me... rather when he called to talk with my father. We were all sitting in the kitchen eating dinner when the phone rang. My brother answered the phone, and was surprised when My Love asked to speak with my father instead of with me. Basically everyone knew why he wanted to talk to my dad... except my mother was a little oblivious at the moment. She asked why he wanted to talk with my father, and my brother (who is quite the comedian) answered "Oh, he sells Amway and wants to come and sell it to you." My dad was still on the phone in the living room so my mother yelled to him "Tell him no, tell him no!" My Love could hear her yelling from his end of the phone, but later he said he was all confidence that she was talking about something different. What a great memory! I always laugh when I hear about Amway now. Thank heavens my father didn't listen to her...

*Disclaimer- we all laughed and my brother did explain to my mom what was going on, so she did recant her no's. She just wasn't paying attention at the time My Love called is all. Aren't families great fun?

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