Favorite Things

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite things. I love the autumn. More specifically, I love the colors of autumn. Anyone who has been inside my house can attest to that, my living room is accidentally done in fall colors and I LOVE it! When the air changes ever so slightly, and the leaves on the trees begin to be tinged with gold and fire licked, and rust, I just have to sigh contentedly and smile, because there is nothing better than the vibrant colors that shine in through my window. I am so glad I live in a state that actually has all four seasons (although Spring and Fall are unfairly short!). So everyone open your windows, let some good clean fall air penetrate your home, and enjoy the beginnings of a wonderful season!


Ashlee said…
Me too! That's a cool picture! You are especially lucky to live on your street, it's so pretty. When you drive in the neighborhood from Harrison, It is like from a movie, I love it there this time of year.
Is that your picture of leaves? If so do you have any more? Or any fun pictures of Keith in the leaves... that you would want to use. Don't laugh but I now design advertisements for a living and down here we don't have seasons (no falling leaves etc.) and I'm trying to find "fall images" for my "Fall into your new home" campaign.

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