Family Reunion

I know, I know, it seems I have vanished into the unknown void outside of the blogging world. It has been a little while since I posted last, but lots has been happening. Jeffrey has gone back to school (which started yesterday. When he finishes classes this semester he will be graduating. Yay!), is having a schedule change at work, practically my whole family was in town for the blessing of my stinking cute nephew Jamie, and we had a family reunion. Wow, all 6 kids in one place again! I wonder if we will ever have a real family reunion again... I am sure we will, but it will take some time. Possibly when my little brother gets married. At any rate, I know that you are all on the edge of your seats waiting in anticipation to hear about the Family Reunion. It was fun. Moving along, yesterday I ... what? You want details? Sheesh, a great event like that just can't go unblogged can it? Well, we went up to a Resort and used some of my siblings' vacation points. It worked out really well, although a bit of room juggling went on. While there we got to become human lobsters (especially MaryAnn) from the great pool and lack of sunscreen. This happened on the first day, and for the rest of the time David and MaryAnn had great fun playing "hit the sunburn, get a great scream." We had a very great family talent show. I admit, I was a little dubious about it at first, thinking it would be a little tacky, but it was actually a lot of fun! David learned how to be even more annoying than normal with his "Look, I can whistle with my mouth wide open!" stunt, however he was mocked for the rest of the reunion with it. The Michaelis family showed us their "getting ready for the day" ritual (the girls stood behind MaryAnn and put their arms through her shirt sleeves and tried to get ready. It resulted in a little toothpaste in the hair, dropped lipstick, and many many laughs. Evidently we are a very talented family! Chalk it up to my braininess, but I forgot that my camera could also take movies until we got to the very end of the reunion, so... luckily I got Dad showing us his skills in hand boning, and James showing us the same skills, at a slightly different level. Hope you all enjoyed the summer of reunions, and enjoy your time either back in school, or with your kids in school!


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