The Boss' Favorite Food

So I just discovered my baby is amazing. Well, actually, that is a lie. I didn't just discover it, but I am amazed by him all the time. He now has a favorite food. A few days ago my sister was watching him while I was gone. When I came back I discovered an apple that had little tiny bites taken out of it. Thinking it was her two year old, I asked her if her little girl was going to finish it. She laughed and told me that my baby had found the apple and commenced eating it. She didn't know if he was allowed the apple, so she took it away. Since he had already eaten so much of it, I figured he could have the rest to munch on. I gave it to him, and he ate nearly half of the apple! What an amazing child I have! I don't know if that is normal or not, but it amazed me. He sure takes after his daddy's bottomless pit of an appetite! Boy, through and through!


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