Best Date Ever

So last Saturday night was super stormy. I love storms. I love wind. I don't know what it is, but the harder the wind is blowing, the more excited it makes me. So I was pretty happy last Saturday night, because it was getting to be a little crazy outside! When My Love got home from work (around 11:00 pm) he had brought some ice cream with him, and we went out and sat on the porch watching the wind whip the trees around. There was a beautiful full moon, and we fell pray to the blood sucking mosquitos that were all over the place. Actually, I am the only one who got bit... 8 times. However, I had the best time ever. It got a little chilly, what with the wind going like crazy, so we had a nice fuzzy blanket wrapped around us, and we just enjoyed each others company. Who said that you have to have money to have a great meaningful date with your hubby (or boyfriend)? What a great memory. In my mind, that just made my most favorite date that I have ever gone on. Thanks love!


Tawni said…
Fun! I think some of the best dates are the spontaneous ones!
Sheryl said…
I love the wind too!

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