Saturday, July 12, 2008

Take responsibility for your own actions!

Okay, I just have to say this, because I am so sick of hearing about it.  Yes, I have lately gotten into trying to live a healthier lifestyle.  In doing such, I have been doing a lot of reading in the newspaper, books, and online.  A reoccurring theme I have encountered is blame.  So many people blame our government and the public health system on "keeping us sick in order to stay in business."  They talk about all the stuff put in foods, which makes us sick, so we go to the doctors and are perscribed with drugs we don't need, which keep us sick.... ENOUGH!  First off, I would like to see where these people got their information, or if it is just speculation.  My mission president taught me to be skeptical of things people say unless it can be backed up.  To not take things at face value, so I am demanding sources for this conspiracy theory.  Second, who is responsibile for what we eat?  WE ARE!  No one tells us what we need to buy, and what we have to eat.  Granted the unhealthy food is generally a lot cheaper, and easier to cook, but where does it say that we have to buy it?  I was pleasantly surprised the other day when I went to the store and just bought fresh fruit and vegetables.  I even bought berries (which are expensive) and my grocery bill only came to $25 for that week.  It usually ends up being at least twice that.  Fresh foods are not that much more expensive.  So, there is no excuse for blaming the government or the health industry for making us obese or sick.  We each make our own decisions, and it is our own faults that we are the way we are.  Take responsibility people, and quite blaming your problems on the government, or whoever is convenient!


Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

Amy, your soapboxes are great! I always get a little nervous when I feel like I'm on a soapbox.
It is hard to take responsibility for (my)your own diet and make good choices! It is mostly hard because of the habits that I have going back for a long time. But thankfully my mom still endeavored to teach me to make healthy choices.
Personally I think that there is a little selfishness (and maybe conspiracy) going on with the meat and dairy farmers, but that is just my opinion. I could be wrong, maybe they have the best intentions- who knows?

Motherhood for Dummies said...

sooo true. I don't like how people say the government needs to butt out of people's business but then turns around and blaims them for us not eating healthly... silly! And for your post the other day about the mormon missionaries... the guy just got excummunicated. They interviewed him and he was really humble about it and understanding... also the missionaries are being contacted also.

The creater of the calender says he was just trying to show the world that all mormons don't fit into the same mold. I dont get that because I don't want to be in his version of is mold.