Okay, so I haven't been spying on my neighbors on purpose, it just sort of happened. My Love and I used to joke that our neighbors were part of the mafia because really weird people would show up at their house. They would park in front of mine, and then go visit the neighbors. A little weird but... what can you do? Well on the 24th I had just gotten back from the grocery store when a cop pulled up in front of our house. We were a little nervous because who isn't nervous to see a police officer at your house. He got out of the car and nodded to us. Then, with a white paper in his hand, he walked up to the neighbors house and knocked a few times. I could have told him no one was home, the driveway was completely deserted. He got back in his car after waiting a few moments, and then drove away. I didn't really think much of it, just thought it was odd.
Last night My Love and I went to SLC with my parents to pick out carpet for their house. We then went out to eat with Jon, Ashlee and their family. Coming back, My Love was really tired (because it was a quarter to ten) so he asked me to drive. I didn't have my license on me, but drove anyways. I hate driving at night anyway, but figured I would be a better driver than my super sleepy spouse, so I took the wheel. All went well until I pulled onto my street. There were 2-3 police cars just hanging out about a block away from my house. I was actually going under the speed limit, so I was relieved there. However, one... and then another of the police cars pulled out after me, followed me home, and parked behind me. My heart began to race, but they never turned their lights on. I didn't know what I was supposed to do, so I got out of the car and figured if they wanted to talk to me, they could, but I had to get The Boss inside. The officer just nodded to us, and waited for the other officer to get out of his car. Together they walked up to the neighbor's house with their uber bright flash lights, and knocked. I noticed that again they had a piece of paper. My Love was in a HUGE hurry to get into the house, so I didn't get to see anything else, but as I was closing all the blinds, I saw them talking out on the sidewalk to each other, and then they left. The funny thing is the neighbors were home that time, they just didn't answer the door. We could see lights on, and two of the cars were there.
So, the question we now ask ourselves is; were we right? Are our neighbors a part of the mafia? Are they in the Citizen Protection Program? Are they spies working for Russia? Are they just getting a notice for an over due speeding ticket? What is going on next door? What do you think it is?


Wow what a funny story! I hope you aren't talking about my uncle Dennis or Aunt Sharon! (ha ha j/k) That does sound a little scary though.
Cecilia said…
I think they are just shy ;)

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