Sunday, July 27, 2008

Red Robin

So last night My Love and I finally went on a date. It had been a very long time, because we have been so crazy busy lately. At any rate, we were going to go to the drive in to see two movies for the price of one (what a deal!) but realized that it got out way too late for a sitter who would be watching The Boss, so... we didn't. Instead we drove around, trying to figure out what to do when we realized that it was quarter to ten, and neither of us had eaten dinner! So, out to eat we went. We decided to go somewhere that neither of us had been before, but due to the hour, we had to settle on a place that I hadn't been. We went to Red Robin. What a cute place! Nostalgic pictures everywhere, televisions in the floor... it was GREAT! But, while we were there, we learned the real reason that My Love doesn't like to eat out. He wanted to order the Bonsai burger (It was a burger with a pineapple ring, smothered in teriyaki sauce, and then the regular fixings also) but couldn't get the word out right. He finally just said he wanted the "bazani burger" I was laughing for about a full minute after that. It was great! We had a lot of fun there, and I can't wait for us to go on another date where we can have that much fun. It is so good to get out, forget that you are actually married to each other and thus have so much responsibility, and just be dating again. What a great man I have who loves to make me laugh! Thanks for such a wonderful night last night My Love, I can't wait until our next date!


Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

Ha ha, I used to work at Red Robin in Provo. Glad you guys had a good time there.

Tawni said...

I love Red Robin! I know fries are the worst things to eat, but they have the best ones.