Happy Pioneer Day! I just want to wish everyone a happy day as we reminisce and honor those who went before us, making this State livable, and sacrificing so much... mainly for the pursuit of worshiping God in their new found religion. I honor them, and thank the Lord for their sacrifices, thus making it possible for me to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. While reading my sister's blog, I learned some things about my ancestors that I didn't know. One was a body guard to Joseph Smith, and even spent time with him in Liberty Jail, another traveled across the plains in the Willie-Martin Handcart companies, and had to bury his wife and child due to the extreme physical sacrifice that trek required. Another buried a child at Winter Quarters. Check out Mare's Blog to see more... What a blessing it is to have such wonderful ancestors who gave their all so I could live the life I live now, and have the Truth that I hold so dear!


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