Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Momentous Occasion

So I was just thinking yesterday, this is the longest I have stayed put since I graduated from HS. I used to move every 3-6 months, and I have now lived in the same spot for 18 months! Amazing! So, to appease my wandering spirit, I get to rearrange my house every 3-6 months. Actually, I think I do it a lot more often than that. My desire for change is leaking on over into the blogging world. It is about time for another change. I apologize to all you who like things to stay constant. I just can't do it. If you have a hard time with the ever changing blog format, just pretend that it is in whichever design you like it best. I just am waiting for the fall with much excitement. Fall is my favorite season, so as my mood changes, so does the blog.


Tawni said...

Wow, way to go! I know how you feel, I move a lot too. And I like change. I've been at my job for a year now and I feel like that's long enough!

I didn't really see any other Mayan ruins; part of our group went to Tikal for a day, but I rode a horse up a volcano instead. Those pictures will be coming soon....

Chris and Francisca Hakes said...

I feel your pain! We are in contract for a house here in Las Vegas (move in is Nov) and here I am "gee maybe we should move to Dallas". My gypsy ways are hurting our chances for giving Harmon a nice stable home... But it kills me to think I could be here for 5 or 10 or worse 20 yrs to come! I'm addicted to moving.

I love the changing look of the blog. I really should do the same.