Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Lifesaver

Okay, for all you with babies out there, or who will be having a baby at any point of your life, let me give you a little tip. Luvs are the only diapers to buy. They are the best! Really, we know. When Keith was first born it was a while before we found a diaper that didn't leak. However, the last time we went to the store, they didn't have his size in Luvs, so we got the generic Wal-mart brand. HUGE MISTAKE! I don't think we will ever do that again. Ever since we bought the generic diapers, we have been having accidents. The diapers have been leaking all their content everywhere. Today The Boss was happily playing by the radio, and there was a huge puddle under him, and running down both legs. I am still working on getting it out of the carpet. Yucky! At any rate, to spare you all the details... buy Luvs!


Mare said...

Funny thing about that is that every kid is totally different. Huggies were the ONLY thing that worked with my first kid, and generic White Cloud (gasp, yes Walmart brand) was the ONLY thing that kept my second one dry. Guess it all just depends on who's backside genetics the kid gets. I think it also has to do with once you think you've got it figured out, everything changes!

Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

I'm glad you are still trying to get healthy! What changes have you been making?

Chris and Francisca Hakes said...

I concur!