The IT man.

So funny story. Saturday (yes, I know it was a week ago, and I am slow at updating. I just can't get the pictures to load) we had a family reunion and since the family is so huge, there are a lot of cousins who don't know each other (I myself am guilty of that) so we played a game to get to know each other better. For one of the games everyone was given a few pieces of paper with something written on it about one of the cousins. We had to go around, and figure out who matched which paper. At the end, we would read the paper aloud, and then tell everyone who it was. My aunt Robin had a paper, and said that "this person is the it for Juniper." I was laughing pretty hard. She didn't know that she should have said the IT person, or Information Technology. After she read it, she asked if anyone knew what an it man was. Ah, family. They are so great! By the way, the reunion was a blast! We played family jeopardy, water kick ball, had marshmallow wars, and did a whole lot of visiting. Also, there was great food for both breakfast and lunch. Thanks everyone for the food and fun!


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