I think the most rewarding thing in the world is when your children smile at you, and give you hugs. The Boss is the champion hugger. I have never known another baby who would give such tight hugs at such a young age. He just wraps his little arms all the way around my neck and SQUEEZES, and I just love it! He has been giving me hugs for quite a few months now, and he does it the best when I am tired and frustrated. It just melts the heart!


Mare said…
He never gives me hugs! :) I'll bring more marshmallows next time!
Oh and those eyes are going to break girls hearts!
Tisha said…
That picture is ADORABLE!!!!!
shem said…
I'm pretty sure he has hypnotic gypsy powers with that stare... i looked at this picture and went into a trance, and the next thing I knew I was sending cookies to your house...

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