Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fake sleeping

So I am going to brag about my favorite little boy again. Yesterday The Boss was acting pretty tired, so I put him down for a nap. I checked on him 30 minutes after I had put him down, and he was wide awake, staring at the ceiling. 30 minutes later I checked on him again, and he was still just laying there not sleeping, but not making any noise or movements. He just lay there patiently waiting for me to go and get him. The second time I checked on him he saw me, and I had to get him.
Another funny thing, this morning he was quietly playing on the floor with all of his toys scattered about. He started laughing, so I turned to see what was amusing him so much, and discovered he had emptied his wipes container and was playing with them all. Crazy kid! I am going to have to keep a sharper eye on him from now on! Yay for growing babies!
On a sadder note, I was just reading the newspaper, and I read about the woman who is being tried for the negligent homocide of her 5 month old son. How sad! She left him in the car for 2 hours and the heat killed him. How could someone leave such a cuddly, happy and dependent baby in the car for so long? How could anyone leave their baby unattended in the car at all? I am so afraid that someone would come along, see the baby and try to take him! At any rate, that news article thoroughly depressed me. I love my baby so much and would be absolutely devestated if anything ever happened to him. I feel so bad for that mother! True, it was essentially her own fault, but the grief and guilt she must be going through! Poor woman!

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