The end of an era

So I just have to rejoice now.The Boss has gone three days without spitting up! I think we are at the beginning of a new era! I am so excited to get the carpet cleaned now! I think he managed to spit up on every square inch of the carpet, on our new pillows, and both his bed, and ours. It is such a good thing! Also, I will no longer have to wear the baby powered perfume eau de spit up. He is growing so quickly! His favorite thing right now is to walk. He stomps his little feet, and when you try to help him stand up, he is moving his feet so quickly, he is half way across the room before you even get a chance to stand up! He will be walking soon, and then the terror starts. I really liked how a month ago he could only roll, but I guess I am happy he is progressing so well.
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So on another topic, one of the idiosyncrasies that The Boss has is when he is happy he will shake his head "no." It is rather funny, and very cute, but I realized on Sunday that the people sitting behind us thought that I tell him "no" a lot. I could hear them whispering behind me, and I realized that I should teach him "yes" but for some reason, it just isn't catching on. I don't know where he got the shaking of the head, but he only does it with a huge smile on his face. Oh well, let them think I am a bad mom telling my little baby "no" all the time. I know the truth, and The Boss knows the truth. At any rate, it is super cute, and I don't want him to stop, so there! :p


That's funny! I'd be slightly paranoid too, maybe. It's hard to say since I don't have any kids of my we'll see.
Mare said…
yeah...just wait until he's potty training - THAT'S when you really want to clean the carpet!

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