Date Night

So last night My Love and I were talking about what we can do for dates, and we decided to make a Date Night jar. We are going to put a bunch of ideas in a jar and when it is date night, we will draw one, and go do it. I am looking for suggestions. What are some of your favorite dates or activities to do with a significant other?


So I have to confess that at least 700 of your page views are from me, cuz I check this thing like hourly. Ha ha wouldn't that be funny? Since Nick and I don't have much money we just do what is free or cheap. We'll either go get a Redbox movie or go swimming at our apts here. We did get season passes to Sea World for the weekends. I guess you can't do that though. Oh well, you could go to Cherry Hill or something....
Anonymous said…
Some things can't be said out loud.
Tawni said…
Picnics, feeding the ducks @ Layton Park, hiking up Waterfall or Adams Canyon, going to the arcade, taking a drive through a pretty place (although that gets pretty expensive with gas now). We've had a couple of Office nights where we just pop in a season of The Office and watch until we're tired.
Mare said…
Definitely the batting cages!!

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