Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Boss' Friend

So while we were able to get rid of one cat, we still have one roaming the house. The allergies aren't enjoying it so much, but it is almost worth it to watch The Boss and the cat (who still remains nameless... we are thinking of calling him Bubba) play together. The Boss steals the cat's catnip toy, and dangles it in front making the cat jump for it. The Boss absolutely mauls the poor kitty, who just rolls over and takes it. for some reason this cat doesn't seem to mind having it's ears and tail and legs pulled, it's hair pulled, or eyes occasionally poked. Don't get me wrong, I really try to protect the cat from The Boss, but he is a fast little guy! At any rate, while The Boss is tormenting him, he will just roll onto his side and let The Boss do whatever. What a good cat for a baby! So long as I pet him occasionally he is a good cat (aside from the destroying of my house).

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