The Wall That Heals

So this weekend we had a rare experience. We were able to go and see the traveling replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall. I have never seen the real thing, butJeffrey said it is only a quarter of the real size. Regardless, it was pretty neat. What a wonderful thing it is for us to live in this country and have all the blessings we have! I hate to admit, but I got pretty choked up seeing all those names. So many men and women have given their lives (and sanity...PTS is not a fun thing to deal with, I am told) for our freedoms, and for the freedoms of people of other countries. I guess I am deeply patriotic, but don't realize it on a regular basis. It just put into perspective the beauty and privilege of our country. Oh, the flag at the bottom is a P.O.W. flag. I just couldn't get it to show up, so I had to paste on from the internet.


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