So I decided that my blog is much like my life right now... completely unorganized and random. So, in effort to better myself, I am overhauling my life, ad that includes my blog. I have seen many blogs that actually have a general purpose which got me thinking, what is the puropse of my blog? Just to put random thoughts down, or to actually accomplish something? I couldn't really answer that question, so a few changes will be made. I am learning html right now, so the template will probably change a whole lot as I experiment, and I need to simplify, so... in essence, everything will be changing in the new future. Stay tuned!


I think your blog is great! It should be whatever you want it to be. Sometimes writing down your random thoughts can help you understand how you feel about life and its events. You shouldn't have to feel like your blog has to be like anyone elses. I just feel like a blog is a public journal that my hands don't get tired writing!

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