Nim's Island

So My Love called me from work yesterday and asked me to find a grandmother who would like to watch The Boss for a little while. I found my mother in law who is so great with dropping whatever she is doing just so she can watch her grandbabby. At any rate, he took me to the dollar movies, and we saw a movie that is just cute! I hadn't even heard of it ~probably due to the fact that we don't have a television, so we don't see any commercials~ but the reviews were great for it. We saw Nim's Island. It was definitely a good children's movie. It is rare that My Love and I agree on a movie, and even rarer for him to like one that I like but this one was the odd one out. We both really enjoyed it. For anyone with children, I recommend that you rent this or take them to the dollar show to see it. It is well worth the couple of bucks.


I've never heard of that movie either. But that is cool you guys could agree. Nick and I usually don't completely agree on movies either. Oh well though, what can you do... So you shouldn't be afraid to try a green smoothie. Just get some frozen fruit and a bag of spinach. You can also add yogurt or juice to sweeten it. When I tried it with just the spinach, it didn't really change the flavor at all. So just start off small and then add more greens. My blender isn't very good either, it usually takes me several tries before it all blends up. It is a Hamilton Beach. Anyway, good luck with that!
Mare said…
We loved Nim's Island! We did see it in the theater (and paid full price)-it was our girls night out during the men's priesthood session of conference. We'll definitely be adding it to our personal collection. Great story, great plot,entertaining , and the kids really loved it!

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