Monday, June 23, 2008

Folded clothes and the replacement

So just a funny story; the other night I was up a little late and My Love had gone to bed before me. Earlier that day he had folded all the clothes, but had left them on the bed. After I had cleaned up the kitchen, I headed in to bed. I couldn't see, so I asked My Love to turn on the lamp, not wanting to turn on the overhead light and disturb him. He never did, and so after my eyes had adjusted a little, I found my way to the bed only to find it completely inhabited by clothes. He can sleep under a mountain of clothes, but I can't. So, I tried to turn on the lamp, but it was unplugged. I grabbed my pillow and asked him to help me clean the neatly folded piles of clothes off the bed. He said that they were fine and rolled over. I told him I was going to sleep on the couch then, and he said that was fine. I was a little surprised at this answer because he had always said that he would never let me sleep on the couch, but I figured he would realize this, and follow me out to the living room and ask me to go sleep in the bed. Well, The Boss was pretty restless that night, and I had to get up with him several times. Around 5 in the morning The Boss was getting pretty grouchy, so I got up to help him. After a few moments, My Love came into The Boss' room, saw me there and asked how I had gotten in there so fast. I told him I walked, and he said he had just left me in the bedroom... evidently, he had been cuddling with folded clothes all night long thinking it had been me. I thought it was pretty funny. The moral of the story is: I can easily be replaced by folded clothes! :)
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