So I bought some Flaxseed at the grocery store because I knew it has a lot of health benefits, I just didn't know how good it was for you. I did a little research and was pleasantly surprised. Evidently it is a major source for omega 3s, can help to reduce the chance of breast cancer, and it can lower the bad cholesterol. It also has 9 grams of fiber to every serving. The only problem is I am having a hard time finding opportunities to use it. I made flaxseed bread last night and it is TASTY! I think it will definently become an addition to our food menu. If anyone knows of other yummy ways to use flaxseed or even wheatgerm (other than sprinkling it in salads) let me know please! Thanks


Sweet! I love flax! You can use it as a substitute for fats. For example, one time I was making brownies and I used 1/3 cup flax seed meal instead of the oil and it turned out much healthier. You could kind of taste the healthy-ness of it though. So in the future I would do half and half. Also if you ever make hot cereals you can put a spoonful in that. I also put it in anything that becomes a batter or a dough. You can put it in smoothies or in yogurt. You can also get flax oil instead of flax seed if you want a slightly better substitute- but it doesn't matter that much what form its in.
By the way, I'm not sure if you already knew this but whole flax seeds can't be digested so you have to grind them up or buy flax meal. I did my last food tip of the week on a healthy hot cereal you can easily add flax to. I always do! Good luck with the flax!
Mare said…
Add them to everything. Especially smoothies - everything. According to the box, they are also a substitute for egg whites? I'm not going there though...
Tisha said…
I add flax to almost everything, pancake batter, yogurt, hot cereal, smoothies.
I don't "substitute" for oils or eggs because my family DOES notice, and Dave LOVES his treats!

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