Fernwood Canyon

So I love Fernwood Canyon. I loved going up there with my friends and having bonfires, and swinging from the rope swing over the stream, and having water fights, and all the fun that can be had in the summer. When I left on my mission, there was a lot of construction going on, but I thought they were just fixing the road because it had always been a dirt road. When I came home, I didn't have a chance to go back and play there, until one beautiful night at the beginning of November My Love took me up there, got down on a knee, and asked me to be with him for Eternity. It was beautiful! However, Fernwood was not how I left it. They had taken out the bonfire areas and put up fire restriction signs all over. The path to the stream was overgrown with brush, and the rope swing was cut off. I was devastated about the massacre of the wild, but elated to begin the journey of my life with My Love. Fast forward to now.My Love and I went back to Fernwood. We wanted to go to the spot where he proposed, but the stream was too swollen and we couldn't cross. However, we followed the new nicely manicured trail, and I was actually pleasantly surprised! It is beautiful! We ended up bushwhacking for a little bit just to get off the trail, but I couldn't believe how nice it was.
The pictures are being really weird, so I will try to post them latter. Sorry.


Mare said…
Guess why they put those fire restrictions? Ask your brother Jon. I think it has something to do with people like him thinking other people's fires aren't big enough, and then them finally having to leave the fire still burning at 3:00 am since it is still not out and curfew was like - 4 hours ago.. I think it might be somewhere along those lines.
Beautiful photos though

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