Family Moment

So I have come to the realization that we don't have a lot of family time, something that really bothers me! I mean Jeffrey does get home from work around 2 every day, but he is so tired from having to get up so early, and I am so busy with the baby... well, we generally go our own separate ways. However, things are shaping up! Tuesday while Jeffrey was at work I walked to the grocery store and picked up a few things, and got a scrumptious picnic ready. He came home, I finished some things up, and then we went to The Pond and had a wonderful afternoon! The food was very delectable, but none too healthy... kind of a mix, but I loved it. We had chocolate covered strawberries (and grapes which are surprisingly good) and strawberry blossoms, we also had a kind of sandwich thing which I kind of made up. I got a baguette and sliced it into thin slices. I mixed some cream cheese with fresh chopped basil, and spread that on the baguette. I then placed cucumber slices on the baguette. It was wonderful! I highly recommend it to all. Fresh basil is absolutely heavenly! At any rate, it was so wonderful to spend so much time with my family making memories and what not. It makes me remember exactly why I married Jeffrey, and know how blessed I am to have an angel like Keith.


list mama said…
What a scrumptious spread for your picnic! And baby swans!! Looks like your family had a lovely day at the park.

Ashlee said…
How cute, that's very creative! I think you're very brave for walking down to Maceys with the baby and carrying a bag of groceries back! Fun times!

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