The seceret to a good marriage

So we went to a great Marriage Conference last night, and it was great! My parents signed us up, my brother and his wife, and themselves, so it was kind of a family affair. It was so good to see all the things we are doing right, and to learn of ways where we can improve. We learned non confrontational problem solving, I learned what men expect when going into a marriage, and My Love (though he said he didn't learn anything) learned what women expect. However, i think the thing that stood out most to us was the camping. In our second class, the speaker pulled out a statistic. He said that there were 1 million couples with a healthy marriage studied. The one thing they all had in common was they went CAMPING together. I loved that statistic. If you want to have a happy healthy marriage, you need to go camping with your family, or even just with your spouse. His reasoning being it is important to make memories. The memories that are the most lasting are the ones that use all 5 senses. Camping does that. Memories made with all 5 senses are the strongest, and help build the strongest bonds between people. So, get out the camping gear, we are going to have fun with this! If only the weather would make up it's mind and be decent so we could go. Soon, though. Let's be honest, who doesn't like sitting around a campfire waiting for the hobo dinners to finish cooking while spoiling your dinner with s'mores or just plain roasted marshmallows. It's classic.
So, Expect several blogs and pictures of us camping this summer.


I like that, i hope Nick and I can go camping sometime soon. I wish my family had gone camping together while I was growing up. Did you know we are moving to Texas soon?
Mare said…
Marshmallows are good... so are smores... interesting theory. I think that Disneyland includes all of the five senses, don't you? I don't think I remember camping much as a family either, but I love to camp, as long as I have flushing toilets and a shower. Holiday Inn is a nice place to camp.

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