Random Cemetery

So The Boss and I like to go for walks in the cemetery.
It isn't morbid, it's actually quite beautiful. Also, there are some rather random things in the cemetery. There is a heart shaped flowerbed, which anywhere else would be kind of tacky, but really fit the cemetery.

This tree just makes me laugh. It looks like someone wanted a Christmas tree, and knew where to get one. They just hacked off the top of this tree. What a great place for a Christmas tree, the cemetery!

Now here is a good Christmas tree! Honestly, though, I couldn't get it to rotate direction. Sorry about that. But isn't it pretty?

Well, you can't see it very well, but that is a painting of the Last Supper. I don't know why it is there, but it is very old. It looks like someone touches up the paint every year. I often see roses left on the ledge. It's nice, but interesting.

I think that this tree looks like the Whomping Williow From Harry Potter. Or something Tim Burton-esc. I like it, and want so much to just climb up and read in the branches. It looks very cozy. So, that is the beautiful cemetery for you. When I was talking to Lane on Mother's Day he had a very interesting comment. He had the privelidge of dedicating a grave in a cemetery on an indian reservation. He said that cemeteries are such peaceful places, especially in UT because of all the ground that has been dedicated. I never really thought of it that way, but it is true. I have always thought there was such a feeling of peace and triumphant there, and now I know why!


Tawni said…
Wow you guys have been busy! Keith looks like such a funny little guy.

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