Newspapers and pens

So I caught The Boss trying to imitate his father in reading the newspaper. The only problem is he didn't quite get the concept of reading. He will soon, though. What a stinking cute baby!

Here you have to look closely. We bought The Boss some new toys, and he is more interested in the pen. I don't get that kid. He has all these new blocks, the rings to play with, and just is so happy with a pen, and can't care less about the bright fun toys. Kids will be kids, I suppose.


Mare said…
Yeah - I really think we should just give our kids sharp objects, wooden spoons, lids and boxes. It is crazy that we spend so much $ on toys (which I believe is a conspiracy - they cater them to the parents when the kids couldn't care less), and then our kids like the cheap and free 'household items!'

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