My weekend- a play by play.

So, I am very glad the weekend is OVER! Can I just tell you, it was hectic! Jeffrey had a fever Friday night and a terrible sore throat all weekend. He went to bed Friday at 8:00 like usual. He has to get up to go to work at 4, and so when four came around, his fever had subsided a little, but he still had a raging sore throat. Regardless, he got up and got ready. While getting ready he woke up the baby accidentally, and then he left. A few minutes later he came back in the house. The car wouldn't start. It really was a difficult situation, because there are only 2 people who go in on Saturday, and he is one of the 2. So he woke up Gary his friend (and our renter) and begged a jump for the car from him. Gary is not a morning person, so it was with a lot of grumbling that he helped. After going to the auto parts store he learned that it was not a dead battery, but perhaps the alternator. He grudgingly bought one, and called his brother to help him install it. Eric his brother came by around 11:30, but had us go with him to look at a house he wanted to put an offer on. When all was said and done, it was 4:00 in the afternoon before the car had been touched. I had to leave because my brother was in town, and I rarely see my brother, so I called my parents to pick me up so I could go to the family barbecue... Around 7:30 Jeffrey called and said it they practically took the whole car apart looking for the problem. It wasn't the alternator, but the car worked again. If only he had just cleaned off the connectors to the battery, the whole thing might have been avoided. Oh well. So we played at my parent's house for a while, and Jeffrey fell asleep there. I wanted to go home, but he was so tired, he asked if we could just sleep there. I agreed after going to the store and getting diapers and formula for the baby.
Keith doesn't do well when he is not in his bed. He didn't sleep well. He was either crying, or sleeping (actually kicking me) in our bed. Not a fun night. I estimate I got about 3-4 hours of sleep total. We then had to get up early because we had to hurry back to Ogden so we could be ready for church. Jeffrey had forgotten to do his lesson, so he had the kids just reading from the scriptures, and they didn't like that a whole lot. After we taught our class we had to rush to Layton to go to a farewell, and then we had to rush back home so I could do my visiting teaching. We then had to go back to Layton for a family dinner... and finally, around 9 we were able to come back home. Whew, what a busy weekend! But I am hoping the next month or so will be a little calmer.


Tawni said…
Wow, what a busy weekend! I have to admit, the first thing that went through my mind was, "That reminds me of the mission." Not the part about the baby kicking you in bed, but the rushing around, and all the things that come up. It was fun but I was always glad to crawl into bed on those days!
Mare said…
I have to say - a little too crazy for me. It sounds like Jeff might have strep. He could go to the school doctor's office (if he's still a student) for a pretty darn minimal fee just for the strep test. It sounds like either that or the flu. It is always good to see family though - isn't it? Hope everyone is better soon - including the car! :)
Wow that doesn't sound like much fun. At least it is over now! Phew! We have car problems all the time too it seems. Right now we are working on getting the AC fixed. Then Texas won't be as unbearable!

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