Crawling, already?

So, to mark one momentous occasion, The Boss is rolling over now! Finally. I gotta tell you, it sure makes the diaper changing hard. Now that he has discovered he can roll, I caught him inching towards a penny on the floor. He is beginning to scoot himself along, and I just know that my floors are no longer safe. I have to baby-proof my home now. Crazy! For some reason, I just assumed he would stay as small and out of trouble that he is now. Well, here comes the really hard part, I guess. Wish me luck!
I am excited, just being practical on top of it.


Tawni said…
Congrats on the crawling!

I served in the New York New York South Mission and have been back for....2 years! Crazy! Where did you serve?
Mare said…
I swear that everytime we did big family trips, our kids would come home and make important developmental milestones. I'm sure we had that effect on Keith as well.

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