Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So it's true. I just can't decide on a background for my blog. However, I think this one is it. I just didn't really like the others. However, I think we are finally set... I hope. At any rate, I just have to say how blessed we are. Last night we put our piano on I didn't really have high hopes of it selling fast, because I saw a bunch of other pianos there that were free, and ours is $50. However, this morning I got a phone call, and it was a woman saying she wanted to come and pick up our piano! It hadn't even been on for 12 hours before it was sold. The Lord is really looking out for us, I tell you what. What a huge blessing that is!

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Mare said...

So why are you selling the piano? Hopefully there's something bigger and better on the way!? It's amazing how blessed you are when you really start to recognize the Lord's hand in all those little things in your life! Congrats