My New Rug

Yay! We got a new rug! It has all the colors in it of my living room, and now I just have to convince My Love to let me paint the walls, and we will be in business! Honestly, at first I really didn't like it, but it has grown on me a lot, and I will go as far as to say although it isn't my favorite, I certainly like it. One day my home will actually look all put together rather than a whole bunch of random things randomly placed. We are pretty happy with it though.


Mare said…
I think your rug looks awesome - everyone needs a little more red I always say. By the way - we've been married for 10. Last night we realized that the only things we've bought new (not 2nd hand, or gifted) are our bed and table (and we just bought the table last year!) Kind of fun that everything has a story behind it - maybe one day, but really - coordination? Who needs it?
Ashlee said…
So I can't really see if that it tan or green in your rug but if it's tan I think you should definitely rethink the color of sage green you want to paint the walls!
Sorry about talking on the phone at the kids never do well while shopping! But yeah, if the kids are better then we would love to come help! Jon will be out of town on Tuesday, maybe we should do it then, or maybe we want his help??? We'll see!
Ashlee said…
So this is Ashlee that made the comment from 2 little miracles. I made a blog for my friend that had her twins at 24 weeks and I don't know how to sign in under a different name yet!

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