My Love and The Boss

So I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything, but that is because I have been super busy. We have been re-doing our living room. I like it better now. It looks more homey. At any rate, We wanted to have everything look more put together, so after buying the rug, we chose two colors from it (sage green and the yellow-tan color) and decided to paint our walls. We aren't quite finished yet, because we are going to paint the ceiling and all the trim, as well as add some crown moulding to where the wall and ceiling meet. Already it looks great, so I am pretty excited for when it is finally finished. Also, I don't have any of my pictures hung, but we will get to that soon. This is what it looks like thus far.

The Boss and My Love were enjoying the new rug before we got started on the walls, and My Love was
trying to teach The Boss to walk. I am working on the whole rolling over bit still, but walking is good too. He just has so much weight, it is a little difficult, but what can you do. He will be mobile soon enough.


Tisha said…
Looks good! I know it's weird, but I actually LOVE painting. It's like getting an entire new room!

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