Guilty, but repenting rappidly.

So I just have to say MaryAnn and Tricia are such examples to me. I love reading their blogs because they are always so insightful, and I learn so much from them. While reading Tricia's blog, I was kind of called to repentance. She has a link to a talk by M. Russell Ballard posted, and a little snippet out of the talk actually posted. The talk is about using the media (more specifically the internet and blogging) for the spreading of the gospel. The Lord has given us the means to have our voices heard across time and space, but if we don't use it are we bing like the slothful servant? So, I want it told here and now that I will follow the heed of the words of the Bretheren and let everyone know... This is the only true Church on the earth. Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, just as President Thomas S. Monson is the living Prophet of God. If we follow all the counsel given to us, there is no way we wont be happy in this life, and we certainly will live with our families and our Father in the next life. I know the Book of Mormon truly is a testament of Christ, and it is the most correct book on the earth. I really miss being a missionary, and I really miss testifying. These things are true! If you don't believe me, go find out for yourself. Pray, ask Heavenly Father!
We just had the greatest opportunity this past weekend. We were able to tune in and listen to the leaders of the Church give us council and guidance. We were able to witness a solemn assembly and feel the strength and power of the Spirit as it testified to my heart that this is His church, and Thomas S. Monson really does have all the Priesthood keys, and he is the Prophet. As was said before, this was a rare thing to see. Thus far there have only been 16 solmen assemblies, and what a blessing to be able to witness another. I worried about Gordon B. Hinckley dying while I was on my mission, and having to gain a testimony of the succeeding prophet really being the prophet. If you don't Know it, you can't testify of it. I see now that those fears were silly. I have no doubt that Thomas S. Monson is the propthet called to guide us and give us counsel just as Gordon B. Hinckley was the prophet before him.
Wow, I sure love saying that! Okay, if you want to read the talk that inspired me to keep this blog on more of a spiritual level click here. Thank you all for being such good examples to me. The gospel is true, and it is our duty and responsibility to find opportunities to share it with everyone we meet. I want to challange all of you bloggers out there to remember the words of counsel given to us by an apostle of the Lord.


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