So I have just been living in a glow of gratitude right now (which is the best way to live, I think). I want you all to know how wonderful my husband is. He works so hard to make our family happy and comfortable. He gets stressed by it, but he never stops. He just loves us so much, that he is willing to sacrifice everything for our comfort. I marvel everyday how blessed I am to have him in my life, and that he actually wanted me! He is exactly what I have always needed, and the best part is I never get tired of him! The biggest problem I had while dating was getting so tired of being around the guys that I went out with. They were great guys, and I have nothing against them, I would just get bored after a month or so. We are in our 15th month, and I am still loving every second I have with him. What a blessing that is. I am so glad that we were both worthy to be sealed in the temple. It is eternal, and I am so happy for that. It is always a good thing to look at things in perspective and just have a grateful day. Some other things I am grateful for; my beautiful baby who is such an example to me of trust and joy, the heater on cold mornings, wild flowers that are randomly growing in my grass, the vacuum cleaner and time. That is my grateful list for the day.


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