So on Wednesday I was getting dinner ready when Jeffrey told me to hurry to the window, but not too fast. That was an odd request, so I rushed to the window... but not too fast... and saw the most beautiful Falcon sitting on a stump. I was lucky to get to the camera and get some pictures before it flew away. It was sitting two feet away from us, trying to get out of the snow (yes, I did say snow). Next to the Dodo, I would have to say the Faclon is my favorite. Look closely, because it blends in.


Mare said…
Pretty cool - you don't see that every day. Of course, if I saw it, I would have thought it was a pigeon or something- no account for my bird knowledge. A buzzard I can identify... and chicken - I can identify those! Great photos.
Well, Nick and I are moving up to Sandy for a little bit so we'll have to get together then. My cousin lives in Ogden and is having a baby blessing on the 4th of May which we may go to so maybe we could stop by. We'll see!
Very cute new format! the blog looks better than ever :)

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