The Lawn Mower

So this weekend was pretty great. I bought a lawn mower from the DI. Now I know that this doesn't sound like something to rejoice over, but really, it is. Last year our lawn looked like white trash, so this year, we at least have a working lawn mower, so I can prevent that disgrace. However, our lawn mower is electric. I am not quite sure how that will work. I have to run an extension cord from the bathroom window out to the lawn mower, and be careful that I don't run over the cord. But no worries, we will have a nice lawn this year. My Love is almost through installing the sprinkler system that he started last year, so our grass will be green, and cut nicely, so The Boss will be able to play out there. Yay! Also, we are going to put in a patio in the back for barbecues, or anything else that strikes our fancy, so although we will be busy this year, we will get a lot done for the beautifying of our house. I am pretty excited to start the renovations. Also, I am super excited to start a garden. I don't have a green thumb, in fact most plants that I touch end up dead, but hopefully they will be strong enough to withstand my attempts at gardening. Who knows, I may surprise myself and actually get some food this fall. I am keeping my fingers crossed.


Tisha said…
I love our electric mower, especially since I am the one who does most the mowing. It is SO much quieter and easier to start up! I am excited for your garden. The BEST garden we have ever had was in that house... beware, you will have plenty to can in the fall!

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