So, I never claimed I was any good at this, but it is a nice fun way to share photos of the babe, so... what can you do. I will try harder to keep with it. Life has been so good to us of late. We took The Boss to church for the first time on Sunday, and he loved it. He was so good, and made all of my pregnant friends jealous that they are still carrying their babies inside while I get to hold and play with mine. He is just getting cuter by the minute, so excuse me if I brag a lot. I am kind of new at the whole mothering thing, and I sure am proud of my little one. Today we went for his first outdoor trip. We went on a walk around the neighborhood, and while he didn't like getting ready to go (getting strapped into the stroller was quite traumatic)he really enjoyed the walk. If the weather keeps up as nice as it is today, this may become an everyday activity. He has changed so much from the time he was born to now, but I think his personality is beginning to show more, and he certainly likes to tease. I guess he gets that from his Grandpa. He is gargantuan! At 4 months, he is a 16 1/2 lbs. he is growing like a weed! I have to make sure he wears his clothes at least once, because sometimes that once is all they will get. He and I are having a lot of fun at home now, and learning how to get things done around each other, so that is always good.


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