About Me

Thanks for stopping by! I love life and basically everything about it.

I come from a family of 7 kids, so my mother really has a hard time keeping the stories of us straight. I have since learned that having kids makes you loose brain cells. But because of not knowing which story belongs to which child, I decided to to keep a journal of the things my children do on a day to day basis. In all honesty I have serious problems with keeping a journal. Which leads me to blogging.

That and needing to have some contact with the adult world.

So, I am a child at heart, and always will be. I love to play and storms make me so happy. I love the wind and clouds and basically any way the weather turns stirs my blood and makes me happy to be alive.

Reading is a passion I crave and don't have nearly enough time for. I also need music in my life or the silence drives me crazy.

I love comments and making new friendships but really, as I said, this is a journal of my thoughts, and the daily antics of my children. Welcome and make yourself comfortable.


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